Product Overview

How Does Symilarity Work?

Symilarity provides innovative search, matching, discovery, clustering, classification, analytics and graph database connectivity, in one integrated application.

Symilarity makes it simple


No configuration is required but the platform retains the capability for bespoke configuration

Data Ingestion

Symilarity was designed to ingest data in a variety of standard formats including TXT, PDF, WORD, Excel, PowerPoint, XML, CSV and Html

Graph Database

Symilarity uses the enriched content to create triples that can be exported to a graph database


Symilarity is based on user defined Repositories. These represent the logical way the business organises its data and controls access to it.


Users can upload their own documents but Symilarity will also load documents from a shared folder, in batches and on a scheduled basis

External Content

Symilarity can ingest and index external content through RSS feeds or using its in-built web mining tools

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