The founders of Symilarity have been building advanced technology solutions since the late 90’s and products include some of the earliest Semantic search engines, classifiers and matching tools.

Symilarity brings into play all of our decades of deep AI knowledge and blends with advanced modern computing techniques such as highly advanced algorithms for accuracy and learning, GPU computing for speed and NoSQL for massive scale.

Symilarity is an unsupervised artificial intelligence platform that automatically interprets natural language and extracts a structured representation of the content and context of data and/or images and their relationships contained in large data.

KEY DIFFERENTIATORS: Unsupervised Learning

Symilarity uses a number of algorithms based on deep learning and classical symbolic reasoning. Together these learn the underlying structure of language from untagged data, without human supervision and manual tasks such as tagging.

Symilarity understands data and does not require any prior knowledge about words, sentences, or the syntactic structure of the language used in the data. Symilarity also understands images.

“Plug and Play”. Symilarity is the easiest to use AI platform in the world,

Symilarity’s original target user was the Data Scientist (still the mainstay of our users) and the core platform supports the most complex and “at scale” use cases. You may be looking to train the classifier on delinquent accounts or fraud, be searching for Non Obvious Relationships using the Neo4J Graph Database extension, or simply monitoring a production line for damaged goods.